Tuesday, January 12, 2016

LA Kings Ice Crew Hottie Meagan is an Animal Lover

We have more than 40 posts on Pro Cheer Heaven devoted to the LA Kings Ice Crew, yet somehow we've never done an actual feature on one their members before. How is that even possible? I feel like we should have done like a dozen features on the Kings' girls by now.

But in an effort to remedy this massive flaw in our your favorite pro cheerleader blog I contacted 2nd year Ice Crew member Meagan (we shared her profile video back in July) and asked if she would be interested. Thank God she said yes!

Meagan is a recent graduate of UC Davis with a degree in Animal Science. Her biggest passion is, as you might have guessed, animals. She is a huge proponent of animal adoption and rescue and thinks people just don't know how easy and gratifying it is to rescue an animal. Her goal is to find a job in an animal-related field soon.

Growing up Meagan spent her time riding motorcycles, wakeboarding and competitively figuring skating. But she had to trade in those figure skates for the hockey skates once she joined the Kings Ice Crew. I think we can all agree that was a pretty amazing trade.

If you want to follow Meagan on social media (and maybe ask her some questions about rescuing/adopting an animal), you find her on Twitter and Instagram.

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