Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Brewers' Super Fan Front Row Amy

So I'm watching Game 1 of the NLCS the other night when my buddy yells out, "Check out that rack in the front row." Eagle Eyes had spotted a smokin' hot MILF rocking some serious cleavage right behind home plate at Miller Park. After a bit of research, I discovered Front Row Amy. I know she's not a cheerleader, per se, but she is smoking hot, cheers like crazy and is definitely worth taking a look at.

She's become a minor celebrity thanks to her single season ticket behind home plate and her penchant for low cut, cleavage-bearing shirts. Looks like I just found my 2nd favorite Major League Baseball team!

We'll start with a screen shot with Amy in the background. That sets the table for what is to come next.

Now that we've seen her at a game, what does she look like outside the confines of a baseball stadium? Well, I think the answer is PRETTY FREAKIN' HOT! I have a feeling you're going to agree.