Thursday, December 10, 2015

SI Cheerleader of the Week: Charlotte Hornets Honeybee Lauren

You should know of my love for the reboot of the Sports Illustrated Cheerleader of the Week feature. This thing was a staple for years before it inexplicably went away for a bit. But then cooler heads prevailed and they brought it back with a vengeance.

Most of you are also aware of my love for the Charlotte Hornets Honeybees. So when these two loves collide (like it did this summer with Laken's feature), you know I am on cloud nine. Today we've got Lauren's SI feature and, as expected, it is amazing.

See the rest of Lauren's feature here. Photo credit to Yeung Photography.

1 comment:

  1. Lauren is gorgeous! Congrats to her on the feature. This young lady is so lovely. God bless her. Grace & Peace.