Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Charlotte Hornets Honeybee Laken Raises the Bar on the SI Cheerleader of the Week

We've been a huge fan of Charlotte Hornets Honeybees dancer Laken for a long time, so I'm glad the folks at Sports Illustrated finally found her. After all, we featured Laken back in January of 2014 when she was dancing for the Charlotte Bobcats. So, once again, we got the jump on SI.

On top of that, I think her feature (you can find the whole thing here) is the hottest Cheerleader of the Week feature since Dallas Mavericks dancer Chantel. Of course, I think Arizona Cardinals cheerleader Andrea should be in that discussion too, but I digress.

Regardless of all of this, Laken is gorgeous and she deserves all of this attention. Thanks of Yeung Photography for the pictures!

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