Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cincinnati Bengals' Cheerleader Megan

I've always been a bit of a Bengals fan, but I have no idea why. I'm not from Cincy; hell I'm not from Ohio. Not to mention it's hard to root for a team that's been this been basically my whole lifetime while fielding a roster with guys like Ochocinco.

But for some reason I still seem to pull for them. What could possibly make me want to cheer for a team whose best player in franchise history is named Boomer? The cheerleaders, of course! The Ben-Gals have always been top notch, and I'm obviously attracted to teams with smokin' hot cheerleaders.

Which brings us to Megan. A former University of Cincinnati dance teamer, Megan is a Cincy girl to the core. She even roots for the Reds. I didn't even realize the Reds had a team once Chris Sabo retired? Regardless, this little firecracker can dance circles around any body that reads this blog, so let's give her a big cheer and GO BENGALS!

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