Friday, May 8, 2015

Behind the Scenes at the Denver Outlaws Dancers 1st Ever Bikini Calender Photo Shoot!

The Denver Outlaws are a Major League Lacrosse team that just absolutely gets it. While I'm sure there are plenty of lacrosse fans in Denver, the Outlaws know they are going to have to offer more than just lacrosse to get people out to the games.

That's where the Outlaws Dance Team comes into the equation. Long one of our favorite minor league squads, the Outlaws dancers have always been a step ahead of the vast majority of squads in the more obscure leagues. And this year they are taking that to the next level.

Following in the steps of the Allen Americans Ice Angels, the Outlaws dancers are putting together their first ever bikini calendar. Lucky for us, our pal Kendra is a member of the Outlaws dance team and took some great behind the scenes shots that will most definitely whet your appetite for the real thing!

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