Thursday, April 30, 2015

You Can Help Pick the 2015 Miami Dolphins Cheer Squad

Right now the Miami Dolphins are in the process of forming their 2015 cheer squad. As I'm sure you know, the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders are one of the most prestigious squads in all of pro sports. That's why they ended up at #2 on our 2014 list of the Hottest NFL Cheer Squads.

Well now you have a chance to influence who gets to join this amazing squad for the 2015 season. Just head over to the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders website and vote for your 5 favorite finalists. That may sound easy, but once you see the list of finalists you will quickly realize this might be the hardest decision you've ever made.

So let me give you a little help. For instance, former Florida Panthers Lady Panther Paige (who we featured back in 2013) is a finalist and is getting one of our 5 votes.

Here are some of our other favorites:





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