Friday, January 30, 2015

Is Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader Alyson the Hottest 1st Grade Teacher Ever?

If I remember correctly, my 1st grade teacher was about 55 years old and about 150 pounds overweight. She was certainly not an NFL cheerleader. Not even in her younger days. So I excuse me if I'm a little jealous of the 6 & 7 years old at a certain Cincinnati-area elementary school

Instead of a frumpy, bitter, gray-haired old woman teaching to read and subtract, some students get to learn from 7-year veteran Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Alyson every day. In what world is that fair?

A former University of Cincinnati cheerleader, Alyson tried out 7 years ago with no thought she would actually make the Ben-Gals squad. But she did make the squad and she hasn't looked back since. In addition to her teaching and cheerleading duties, Alyson also runs her own business selling worksheets to other teachers and running a lifestyle blog. That's a pretty full plate. I'm tired just thinking about how much work that requires.

Alyson also wants to write a children's book and host her own TV show some day. So be on the lookout for that because I find it hard to count out someone that has the talent & drive to teach 1st grade all day and spend her nights as a professional cheerleader!

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