Thursday, August 20, 2015

New York Lizards Dancer Jessica is Going to Run the Fashion World

I've been talking about the New York Lizards dance team a lot since I "discovered" them a year ago. For a dance squad in Major League Lacrosse, the Lizards seem to get an inordinate amount of time here on Pro Cheerleader Heaven. Honestly, Jessica is one of the reasons.

From the very beginning this third year Lizards vet has stood out as a bright, shining star on the squad. A senior at Farmingdale State College, Jessica is majoring in business and currently working as a marketing intern. Her goal in life: work in the fashion industry in either public relations or marketing. So basically she is going to be telling you what to wear in a couple of years.

For now, though, Jessica is going to continue bringing it on the Lizards sidelines and doing as many outdoor activities as she can. Apparently she is an avid jet skier and zip liner. I'm not sure "zip liner" is really a phrase, but you get the point. She likes to be active outside.

Hopefully she continues to be an active cheerleader as the years go on. I'm sure the Lizards would HATE to lose her! But no matter what she does in the future, we can all follow her journey on Twitter and Instagram and watch her do big things!

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