Monday, January 19, 2015

Meet NHL All Star Game Ice Girl Dani

We skipped someone in our daily birthday shout-outs on Facebook yesterday, but we did it on purpose. Instead of sharing one picture and a "Happy Birthday" message, I decided we should do an entire feature on Columbus Blue Jackets ice girl Dani. Pretty sure I made the right choice on this one.

Dani told me she gets to work the upcoming NHL All Star game in Columbus. I'm not sure if that means she gets to work on the ice or in the crowd, but I'm hoping we get a lot of great pictures from All Star Weekend.

In addition to her ice girl duties, Dani also regularly works as a model. You can actually follow her work at her Facebook page. And for the observant amongst my readers, you might recognize our pals the Langshaw Twins in one of these pictures.

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