Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Birthday to Denver Outlaws Cheerleader Dominique

Over on our Twitter account a week or two ago, I asked for recommendations for a cheerleader feature. While I didn't get a ton of response, I did get an email nominating Denver Outlaws cheerleader Dominique. I thought that was a pretty amazing recommendation since there aren't a ton of people that know much about Major League Lacrosse cheerleaders (yours truly excluded, of course). So I contacted Dominique, and she was totally down.

It just so happens today is her birthday, so I thought this would be a perfect time to run her feature. A Human Development major at Colorado State University, Dominique is "100% Italian." While she plans to be a child life specialist and help hospitalized children and their families once she graduates, there is one other potential career path she could head down: circus contortionist! Dominique says she is "insanely flexible." It's always nice to have a fall-back career in case the first one doesn't pan out!

Since this went so well, I'd love to get more nominations. Leave a comment, find us on Twitter or Facebook or shoot us an email at

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