Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Finally Understand the Hamilton Tiger-Cats' Nickname

I never understood why the Tiger-Cats didn't just call themselves the Tigers. Isn't it a bit redundant to be called the Tiger-Cats? Then I did a little research, and it all made perfect sense. The current franchise came about with a merging of two different teams: the Tigers and the Wildcats. That's where Tiger-Cats comes from.

While I still think it would have been easier to go with Tigers or Wildcats, who am I to complain about a good old-fashioned compromise? After all, regardless of their name, we still get the opportunity to see the Ti-Cats cheerleaders in action and that is a very good thing. Without the naming compromise, maybe the franchise would have gone away forever and we would have been robbed of this piece of CFL Week.

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