Thursday, July 11, 2013

Is Calgary Stampeders Cheerleader Dana The Hottest Cheerleader in Canada?

We don't travel north of the border enough on Pro Cheerleader Heaven (or on College Cheerleader Heaven for that matter), but there are some pretty phenomenal cheerleaders in the CFL. And for my money, I can't imagine there many cheerleaders (on either side of the border) hotter than Dana!

The 3rd year Outrider also just happens to be starting law school in the fall. Which means that any firm in the Calgary area looking to fill a corporate law gig should hold on until Dana graduates in 2016. Because anyone that can stick with something like dance from the age of 4 until she turns it into a career is going to be a bulldog in the courtroom.

Not to mention the fact that she might be able to convince her semi-professional Bollywood troupe to dance at a firm function some time. How cool would that be?

Photo credit to Mark Mennie for the official Outriders pics!

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  1. Dana you are so hot and sexy but then so are the entire Outrider team. The hottest sexiest team anywhere. Love seeing your photos and following you and the Outriders all year long. Love seeing you having so much with your teammates and getting to perform for your fans and meet your fans. You and all the Outriders have so much fun on the field and in the community. Love you and your gorgeous teammates. Best in the cheerleading world.