Thursday, May 9, 2013

Washington Wizards' Cheerleader Joanna Is A Harvard Graduate

For real! Like, the real Harvard. Not the Harvard of the South (Vanderbilt) or any other Harvard of the ___ that you can think of. She didn't just go to Harvard for the hell of it, either. She graduated with a degree in Economics. Most you can't even spell Economics, let alone get a degree in it from Harvard.

I try to keep telling people not to underestimate professional cheerleaders, but they just don't listen. I would venture a guess that Joanna is smarter than any person that has ever visited Pro Cheerleader Heaven. Add that to the fact that she is freakin' adorable and you've got a deadly combination. Then you put her in Washington DC, and she is set to take over the world.

So when Joanna is the Chairwoman of the Fed in about 15 years, don't forget that you first met her on Pro Cheerleader Heaven!

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  1. She's beautiful & smart. Good for her. Best wishes to her.