Monday, April 29, 2013

Former Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader Alicia is a Metalhead

You don't expect a professional cheerleader be listen to bands like SkullNBones or Jackyl. Lady Gaga? Sure. Britney Spears? Of course. But a true metalhead is incredibly rare.

Which is exactly what makes (now former) Atlanta Falcons cheerleader Alicia special. While she may have hung up her pompoms, that doesn't mean she is going to slip off into the unknown. Instead, Alicia is now working for Metal News Online. She was even featured in Sevendust's video for the song "Falcons on Top" with some of her fellow Falcons cheerleaders.

So if you are into metal and super hot retired cheerleaders, make sure to like Alicia's fan page on Facebook. It is still tied to her Falcons cheerleader world, but a change is in the works. As Alicia would say, "Rise up & Rock on!"

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