Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Palm Beach Makos Cheerleaders Bikini Calendar

We all know that the big time professional cheerleader squads do bikini calendars every year. Hell, we have a bikini calendar tag here on Pro Cheerleader Heaven just to easily keep track of all of them. But I didn't know that some of the minor league squads did bikini calendars too.

Then up pop the Palm Beach Makos cheerleaders on my Facebook news feed. Lo and behold, they just finished up a great photo shoot that I am hoping turns into a calendar some day soon. But even if it doesn't, we still have these wonderful pictures to get us through all this snow that seems to be canvassing the majority of the US right now.

So sit back and let the Makos cheerleaders keep you warm & toasty! You can find more of the pictures on either of the Makos cheerleaders Facebook pages (here and here). Hat tip to Sunman Returns for the great pictures!

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