Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dallas Mavericks Dancer Bonnie

With the NFL season almost over and the NHL season still trying to get off the ground, I think it's time to start ramping up our coverage of the NBA's hottest dancers. Honestly, we've been a little lax in that area, but I'm hoping Dallas Mavericks' Dancer Bonnie gets us on the right track.

From her pictures I get the feeling that Bonnie is a little firecracker. She may not be the biggest dancer in stature on the squad, but I'm guessing she has enough personality to more than make up for that. Get her out on the floor and she is going to shine. Almost makes me want to become a Mavs fan.

And I almost forgot to mention that Bonnie is also a former dancer for the Texas Tech Red Raiders. That is a fine pedigree right there!

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