Monday, November 26, 2012

Do The Green Bay Packers Have Cheerleaders Now?

I thought they were one of the last hold outs until I saw this picture. Anybody know what's going on up in Cheese-land?


  1. They should be your favorite "Pro" cheerleaders. For many years now the Packers have brought in local college cheerleaders. They wear the official Green Bay cheer unis, and learn Packer cheers.

  2. Yeah, the Packers had cheerleaders up until 1987. They reintroduced cheerleading to their sildelines in 2007. The packers cheerleaders aren't dancers like the majority of professional cheerleaders. They are more stunt oriented. They switch on and off between the all-girl cheerleading squad of St. Norbert's College and the coed squad of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

  3. Look at my man coming through with some serious knowledge bombs!